Sunday, 23 July 2017

Not many words

Hello again, I'm sorry that I haven't posted much just lately but I've been quite busy.
First of all, my grandchildren paid us a visit, we had a great time, at the beach, in Rockfish restaurant and just chilling at home.

I've made some bread 

and between us, Yvonne and I have picked a few blackcurrants

There have been beautiful sunrises, 

clotted cream gin, 

and butternut squash crinkle chips.

Yvonne has completed more cross-stitch squares for the Love Quilts charity,

We've had thrushes feasting on our honeysuckle and spotted baby seagulls.

Georgina has been hand rearing a kangeroo

so as you can see it's been a busy few days. And that's not including anything to do with my writing efforts, there's a lot of news to report, maybe next time.

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Preparing for visitors

Yvonne has made a chilli for Friday, my eldest daughter, her husband and daughter are coming down for the weekend, my middle daughter will be arriving later on Friday as well. Satay chicken for her!

Anyway, what goes really well with Chilli?... Garlic bread.

Yvonne's Amazing Chilli!!!
But, being me, I had to make the bread first,
I made the Richard Bertinet 24-hour ciabatta mix and shaped it as baguettes,

after 20 minutes at 300°C in my bread oven (with steam), they come out looking like this,

That was part one, now I had to add the garlic butter.
I just cut halfway through at intervals, spread a little garlic paste and added lumps of butter.

Wrapped in foil they will cook for 10 minutes at 180°C.

While the oven was on, I also made a sweet dough, using Saffron infused milk and made some teacakes.

I just hope that there's some left for when they turn up!!