Sunday, 26 June 2011

My Cat

Picasso is 15, and has had a very eventful life. When he was about 5 he was hit by a car crossing the road, and returned to us with his jaw hanging on by bits of tissue. The vet did an amazing job on his mouth, and you can hardly tell that there was ever a problem, he has a couple of teeth missing but that’s all. However we think he suffered a bit of brain damage because every now and then he will “Turn” and attack you for no apparent reason. He was a celebrity at our old house, and not content with being fed by us, used to frequent at least three other houses, where he would pretend to be a stray and get fed. Georgina’s boyfriend was at his mates house in a road around the back of our garden when in walked Picasso, “that’s Georgina’s cat” he told the group, “Is it? We thought he was a stray and we’ve been feeding him for months” came the reply.

He got so fat that he used to get stuck in the cat flap; I had to take the screws out so that he wasn’t marooned in the doorway.

He was most put out when we moved, as now he only gets fed from us, however he has done the rounds and all the neighbours seem to know him, especially the lady with the chickens.Although none of them feed him I expect he tries it on.

He is constantly pestering for food, if I feed him at 6 in the morning before I take the dogs out, he will assume that I have forgotten when I return and start again. Then when Yvonne gets up, he starts on her, in case I hadn’t told her.

I keep the dog biscuits in a cupboard under the stairs; I had to put a lock on it as he worked out that by scraping at the door he could open it and get into the sack, we hear him rattling the door in the middle of the night even now. If you open the cupboard and turn your back, he is straight in
Here they are

Just stick my head in and fill up

Mission Accomplished, time to go

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