Monday, 17 December 2012

Normal service should be resumed as soon as possible.

Where has December gone, I was just looking at my blogger page yesterday, when I realised that I had not posted at all in December. Well I did work a few days, but that doesn’t normally stop me, and I have been a bit more socially active, but there has still been time to type a few words, surely. So this brief update will have to do until I can get myself going.

I haven’t even taken many photographs, and that’s not like me, I normally like to keep a record of all my cooking, but even that’s got left behind. I haven’t stopped making food, although Yvonne has been doing a bit more, I’ve made a few Xmas goodies, Garlic Pickle, and spiced nuts, with the Shortbread and Cheese to do nearer the time. Also Walnut, Shallot and Garlic sourdough (Yum)

And we have been out and about, to see friends, go Xmas shopping, the Cinema etc. etc., which has taken up a lot of time.

The main focus has been on writing, with the novel, I have done 10,000 words this month, so am now a little over half way. I also finished the first draft of my speech for Naomi’s wedding, it needs a bit of work but both her sisters have read it and think it’s OK so far. The speech at Amy’s wedding was well received, so there is a lot of pressure.

And I have a cold, not Flu since I had the jab in October, but just a boring cold and a raging sore throat that I could do without. And this week promises to be busy.

I watched Nigel Slater on Friday, and was taken with his sausages and cranberry recipe, so decided to re-create it on Monday, I do like his style and have had a lot of fun from copying his ideas, and adding my own twists to them. So I thought that I would try this one, with sausages from Totnes Good Food Market, making enough for two days, probably once with couscous, and once with a garlic potato stack.

Also we will have a yule fire outside (if wet we will light a candle in the conservatory) with mulled Elderberry wine and perhaps a mince pie. I found some mincemeat with added chocolate in a well-known discount retailer.

Normal service should be resumed as soon as possible.

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