Saturday, 30 March 2013


I have been a bit remiss on this blog just lately, but in my defence I have had other things on the go.

I remember my Uncle Ted, years ago and about a year into his retirement, saying he wondered how he ever found the time to go to work, and I know how he feels.

Even though I only work part time, just lately I have struggled to fit in all the things that I get up to, I am hoping that after Naomi's wedding next week I can get back to some sort of order.

Hopefully they will have a great day, with a bit of warmth and no rain, and by this time next week things  will be starting to settle down. At that point, normal service may be resumed. In all likelihood however, some other stuff will happen. At least its never boring.

I've just spell-checked this post, and the only word it highlighted was "blog"?

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