Sunday, 28 April 2013


George and Tom came down for a couple of days, and it was actually nice weather.

They are heading back to Oz shortly, so it was good to see them, but a bit sad as well, they will be gone now till Christmas. George left me her car to look after again, I’ll have to try and keep the battery charged up this time!

We went out for a meal to Bistro 46, as usual Chris surpassed himself, except for running out of Bays Gold, we had to drink Topsail instead; which was no real hardship.

Next day, I cooked a fry-up, including the excellent Pork and Marmite sausages from Totnes Good Food market, and local Organic bacon From Well Hung Meat.

and then we went to Paignton, where we played Crazy Golf (George’s request)

and wandered along the beach eating chips, watching people being dive bombed by hungry seagulls. I then brought them back to Kent on my way to work. We let Tom win; (Honest!) but hopefully we will restore English pride with the Cricket this summer.

With some trepidation, at Naomi’s wedding I asked Tom to proof read my book, and tell me if he found any major grammar or plot issues, before I published it. I told him to be totally honest about it, (I WAS a bit happy at the time) before I made a fool of myself by publishing rubbish.

He said that he was going to start a couple of times, but actually started in the car on the way to Kent. It went very quiet as he was reading, and I felt myself getting more and more worried.

Eventually (and I do like the Aussie honesty) he said to me “I thought I was going to have to tell you it was S**t, but it’s actually pretty good.”  That was a relief, because even though I know that not everyone will like it, it’s still my baby! And coming from an Aussie; that’s next to high praise. George even read it, and she’s no fan of fiction, preferring biography.

Work was quiet, only three jobs, but I did get a good picture of a front coming through, spot the impending rain!


I have orders for about twenty jars of Marmalade, there is no Seville orange left, but I will be making Ruby Grapefruit later in May. Tracy also wants sourdough next time we are on shift together, and I’ve also been asked for mint sauce. Busy Busy.

It’s a bit colder today (Sunday) but a very nice sunrise over St Mary’s Graveyard as I took the dogs round.

My second batch of dandelion wine is now under way, and I racked the Rhubarb into bottles this morning. It has cleared beautifully, and has a rose tint, I can’t wait for Christmas!
I also made fruit compote (Blackberries and Rhubarb) for dessert tonight with Yogurt
 And I have fruit blossom as well

Sorry; they are a bit blurred. 

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