Monday, 17 June 2013


A couple of people have mentioned that I don't 'do' recipes any more on this blog.
The reason is simple, I've given up on measuring quantities in everything except bread and cakes.

I have found that it suits me more to develop an idea by throwing stuff in to see how it turns out.

I believe the Australians among you will recognise the concept of Hash Magandi, where everything gets put in the pot. While I'm not a fan of the extreme variant of that (Irish Stew and Tinned Peaches) I do think that proportions are in most cases put there as a guide. And if there's more of you then use more stuff! Or do some Garlic Bread to bulk it out.

About a clenched fist sized portion of the finished dish per person is probably reasonable, when veg and sides are added.

So here's my Bacon and Pasta bake, boil some pasta in lightly salted water till its not quite done.

Make a cheese sauce, with added grated cheese and make it thick. Fry your bacon pieces (I did mine in Chorizo fat for added taste)

Mix it all together, then bake till the cheese bubbles. Easy.

Serve with Garlic Bread,

I've got to give a mention to Evergreen Farm, whose meat I buy at the Totnes Good Food Market.

In the past, we have had the sausages (Pork and Marmite!) and lots of other stuff. As it was Fathers day, we decided to have steak and brought some Rump. After bashing it with a mallet and rubbing with Garlic, I was surprised to find that it cooked in about 4 minutes (Medium)

    It was probably the best steak we have had in ages, and will be on the shopping list next month.

To try and be a bit healthy, we had potato wedges, I have told you about these before, but this time I marinated them in Orange Balsamic Vinegar,

 and Olive Oil, then sprinkled with Semolina before baking.

A big thank you to George, my daughter, for the Fathers day beer she sent me from Australia,

My girls have clubbed together and, as a birthday and Fathers day gift helped me buy this:

A tablet with a keyboard, for work, many thanks to them.

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