Wednesday, 16 April 2014


During my day at the Market, as a guest of the West Country Deli, I had a chance to see the Great British public at their best and worst.

Jo, my host, was charm and professionalism personified, and never seemed to stop, giving 110% for her customers. Everyone who tried my bread was complimentary, and even if they didn't buy anything, they could not have been more encouraging.

One of Jo's customers, an obvious holidaymaker, spoiled the day by suggesting that the coffee was expensive "For a dump like Brixham." Not that it was bad coffee or a dirty cup mind, just that our town was a dump.

Well speaking as a native, born and bred, I felt insulted by that opinion, after all the price was not a secret, nor was it any more expensive than anywhere else in town. Something had upset her and her reaction was to rubbish her hosts. Jo however could not have been more polite (more than I might have been) in her reply.

So in case you have never been, here are some pictures of the "Dump,"



What do you think? I love it and feel lucky to live here.

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