Thursday, 9 July 2015

Fruit and Veg

At last it's that time of year to pick berries and dig up new potatoes. I did both today, ably assisted by Yvonne who picked a load of Black and Red Currants for me whilst I was walking the dogs. I joined in when I got home.

We got 4 pounds of currants between us,

 and a good amount of potatoes from the single bag (of 6) that I lifted. They will go nicely with our salad.

I made jam with the berries, adding 4 lbs of sugar and 36 g of Pectin (Currants are low in Pectin so I added this to get a good set) I didn't add any water, just washed and drained the berries, this left enough to start heating without burning. My new induction hob got the mixture bubbling in about a minute.

and I filled 9 jars.

that's a few jars for me and some for Amy and Naomi when I see them next.

Huge excitement, we have a new supermarket in Brixham (well just outside) Aldi have made it down here, so we went and had a look. We got some very good quality veg and salads at ridiculous prices and scoped out the other stuff as well.

I'm a bit of a sucker for unusual flavours of crisps and I found these,

they were really tasty, and strangely red, which incidentally stuck to your fingers (a little worrying, what will it do to your stomach) 

Totnes market tomorrow, time to stock up on the weird and wonderful atmosphere.

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