Sunday, 27 September 2015

Dried Pears

I picked a few more pears today, intending to dry them in my dehydrator.

First I made a solution of Lemon Juice and water to soak the peeled pieces in to stop them browning.

and then I peeled and cored the pears, cutting them into half inch pieces. I soaked these for 10 minutes,

and then arranged them on the racks.

I will dry them at 65°C for 8 hours and see how they get on.

In the end I left them overnight, and by  5am on Sunday they  were done.

Now they are in an airtight container, ready to nibble.

I might chocolate coat some, that's a job for another day.


  1. P.S. How about dried pear and cranberry or apple and strawberry or apple, elderberry and a little spice, blueberry and vanilla


  2. Richard

    There was a previous post the above was an after thought