Sunday, 3 January 2016

Buried Treasure!


The buried treasure was in a tin; buried at the back of our food store cupboard. The label was half missing but there was enough of it left to see that it was a tin of cooked potatoes in water. Goodness knows what it was bought for or even when, it was dated use before the end of 12/15 so it's only 2 days out. 

I was feeling brave so I opened it up and drained the contents. The potatoes smelt OK so I chopped them into pieces and mixed them up with some garlic paste and olive oil. They were roasted with our meal this evening and I will use them in some Bread tomorrow.

They should mix in nicely.

I have revived my Spelt starter so will make Spelt Sourdough tomorrow and incorporate the potatoes in one of the other things I'm doing. Probably a Onion Bread or roll, I haven't decided which yet. I may make some teacakes as well. Anyway that's more for the bread blog really.

Yvonne asked me if there was anything I wanted for Xmas this year. I couldn't decide;(What's new) but since then my computer monitor has started playing up. Its ten years old now and has lasted longer than things normally seem to (about a week after the warranty runs out in my experience) so I guess it was to be expected. To me it's still a shame though as I hate it when stuff breaks down. I have researched online and there is little that can be done to fix it economically, its cheaper to get a new one. 

That's another thing I hate, I used to be able to fix things, now  (and this is really cynical) things seem to be made so you can't fix them, or its expensive to fix them and hence you HAVE to buy a new one. Hmmm rant over.

Anyway I've ordered a new one and thanks to Yvonne have a better one than I would have got otherwise. Its arriving next week sometime. It does get a lot of use to be fair.

And if I carry on writing it will get a lot more, I have three stories on the go at the moment and one that I have just sent off to my editor. She will go through it and correct my punctuation and grammar; also she will try and spot any plot holes. Then I have to decide which way to go with it. Meanwhile I'm adding bits to my half-finished works as the mood takes me, some days it's one story, then I might think of things that would work in one of the others so I add them in roughly (so I don't forget) and can tidy the stuff up later.

Now I've finished baking bread commercially I have much more time to do all the things I wanted and this is one of them. When the weather improves we can get out and about more too, there's a lot of Devon and Cornwall to explore.

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