Sunday, 15 May 2011

Grans Dresser

When I was growing up in Devon, I remember my Grandmothers dresser as the place where the treats were kept, as well as all her old china and best tablecloths. When she moved in with my parents, my father went to sort her things out and asked me if there was anything I wanted for my house, naturally I chose the dresser, amongst other things, as it would always remind me of her. It stayed with me in Kent for 28 years and has seen my children grow up, we now use it for storing food but it has had a multitude of functions, just as it should do. Now that I have returned to Devon it sits in our conservatory, but was a little dark for that light, open space. My daughter recently stayed with us and was reading a home magazine when she found an offer for a free tin of paint.

One Coat

“Is that any good to you Dad” she asked, well one of the colours would have been perfect for giving the dresser a lighter, distressed look, and after some discussion the job was done. I just hope that Gran can see it and approves. And there was enough left over to do the hallstand as well.



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  1. It looks good! Definitely a good use of a free can of paint!