Friday, 13 May 2011


Hello from the Sunny (Today) South West of England, and my first fumbling steps into the world of blogging. Technically this should have started in January, but as they say stuff happens, here we are at last, at least it gives me a lot to write about because I can bang on about what's happened since then, I have been ghosting the blog so just need to put it up.

Why am I here? Well its a long story but to keep it simple and I hope interesting, I have chosen to live a simpler life, with a lot less stress and as a result have a lot of time on my hands. Luckily my wife is with me on this, having wanted to change lifestyle for longer than me. According to family members I have a lot to say. So as they don't listen to a word, or claim to have heard it all before, I've decided to inflict it on the world. I'm also studying creative writing, so this is all good practice.

This blog will primarily be about my culinary efforts and my attempts at living the more self sufficient life that I've always wanted, after all that’s why I'm here after years of drudgery and full time labour. Of course financially the timings perfect, (you may spot my sarcasm from time to time) but once committed there's no turning back.

I'm a frustrated cook, not because it always goes wrong but because I would have quite liked to have been a professional one, and after years of practice feel that my creations need a wider audience, I have shamelessly blagged ideas and recipes from the famous and not so, with added twists of my own, which I will share with you. Also my attempts at making country produce from ingredients foraged and or grown. I have been making my own bread for a couple of years and selling it small scale so I will share that later as well. Also I know that the layout is a bit basic but as I progress I will alter that. Likewise personal details will have to wait for a bit.
Next time I will get you up to speed on my exciting adventures this week, plus a bit of background. Basically we'll just see where we end up.

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