Thursday, 7 July 2011

The Computers Broken

Oh Dear, I tried to get online when I came back from a walk on Haytor last Tuesday, only to find that the computer had turned itself off. It wouldn't start normally and I found that the Hard Drive was locked.
Never mind, I thought, I have all my stuff backed up on a second hard drive in the PC so all I need to do is get a new drive and reload everything. Well I don't know quite what has happened, but that drive is fried as well. As I have all the stuff plugged in on surge protectors I'm a bit mystified. Also one of the two CD drives in the PC has gone down as well.
I do have some disc backups but they are scattered around the place and after all how many copies can you make without being paranoid? I guess the answer is one more than you have assumed is enough. Its taking me a while to get organised. I still don't really know what I have lost forever.
Anyhow the reason for this post is to tell my followers that normal service should be resumed shortly, both here and at Down to Earth.

To cheer myself up I went for a walk with the dogs, fortunately 10 minutes away from home I saw this,

and this

How can you be miserable with views like that, and how important are a few files, everything can be replaced.

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