Monday, 4 July 2011

One Chicken

This didn't start out as a frugal challenge, but rather seems to have turned into one on the way. And the thing is, I've enjoyed seeing where it could end up.

Any how I brought a chicken last Friday, Local of course and weighing in at 1.25Kg. The plan was to roast it with home-grown potatoes and veg for Sunday, and have cold chicken with salad on Monday.

There was so much meat on this bird that it was clear that there would still be left overs and then there was the carcass to make stock with, that’s when the idea of seeing just how many meals we could get out of one chicken came up. And just so that you know, we do eat proper portions!

So we had roast chicken, with potatoes, peas, broad beans and spinach from the garden – 2 meals,

I picked all the meat off the carcass and put it in the slow cooker overnight with carrots and onions.

Next morning I let it cool and picked out the bones (Dead easy, they had all gone to the bottom) and liquidized the remainder, it made two jars of soup base – 4 meals

Some of the meat went into tonight’s meal, cous-cous with harissa paste, apricots, raisins, chicken and chopped Chorizo. Served with ciabatta and tomatoes. - 6 meals

The rest of the meat went into the freezer, there's still enough for a curry - 8 meals, and to put in egg fried rice with some veg – 10 meals.

Not bad for one Chicken.

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