Monday, 30 July 2012


Big news at the moment is that I have created a new blog for my creative writing output, so I will be putting short stories and various pieces of work up there for honest review and comment (of any sort).

Please note that all work will be original, and to the best of my knowledge, all my own. Naturally I will hold the copyright, and there will be no intended link between any of it and any person or place. If anyone has any issues with any of the work, please comment and we can discuss it. I hope that it will be a bit more exciting than cookery, at least to me, although I will still be keeping you up to date with my kitchen adventures, and life in the South West.

I should be putting the first piece up shortly, more news to follow.

I had a great birthday, we went to Dartmouth, had a good look around the shops, and had lunch in the excellent Rockfish,
View Across the river to Kingswear
Yvonne, Looking Good

local fish fresh caught and a nice pint of Jail Ale to wash it down.

My Whiting and Chips

Yvonne had Mackerel

My girls brought me some wonderful presents, books, baking equipment, chocolates, some really nice stoneground flour (Thanks Amy and Harry) and much more. Once again thanks for your generousity. Neighbours also sent wine and other gifts.

My daughters and significant others (except Georgina's fella who is in Oz) went to a festival in Nottingham, I loved this pic of them all in party mode
Harry, Amy, Eamon, Georgina and Naomi
I picked my first Raspberries just before coming to work on Sunday, only 2 but it's a start, I feel Raspberry Balsamic Glaze and/or Raspberry Vodka coming on. We nearly have enough Rose Petals for wine, which is good because we are on the last bottle of last years. So much to do.

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