Saturday, 14 July 2012

Saturday Morning

Strange things keep happening, I turned my phone off before we went into the theatre to see Colin Fry, but got a message received bleep on the way in. But there was no message on my “Silent” phone. And on Monday, I could hear a voice on it, although I had ended the call to my daughter! Not only that; Yvonne was present and heard it as well, like an indistinct echo of a bad connection.

Blood Doners yesterday; so that was an excuse for a large breakfast, (If one was needed) and lots of coffee/liquids. Also we went into the Black Cat for a cake afterwards.

I started giving blood years ago, and took my daughters along to show them how painless it was, and encourage them to donate. When I first took Naomi (now a Midwife), I was alarmed to find that halfway through donating, the line started leaking somewhere between the cannula and the bag. The result of that was that blood was pouring on to the floor. Naomi went a little pale when I asked the nurse, who hadn’t noticed, if the blood wasn’t supposed to be going into the bag. It didn’t put her off.

And now, we have had a call from Naomi to say that she has crashed her car. Apparently someone was driving like a pr*t in front of her and in trying to get out of the way, she hit the central reservation. I know from experience that there are a lot of people using the M25 who haven’t got a clue what they are doing so I can totally understand what she means. There are times when I have only just escaped from the lane changing, pointless braking, phone using, totally out-of-their-depth sort of driver who cause an accident, meanwhile continuing blindly on- blissfully unaware of the carnage behind.

To say I am upset is putting it mildly. At least she (and everyone else) is OK, because whatever you might think, you can always get another car. Someone is obviously watching over her.

Blood donation went well, in and out in 25 minutes, good banter with the staff, and then with Yvonne to The Black Cat for a piece of cake and tea. And we got home before it rained.

Now it’s Saturday morning and I’m about to wrestle with my sourdough, I fed it last night and left it out to bubble, so we will see how it performs.

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