Thursday, 10 January 2013


Where did I get to last time, oh yes, I was making marmalade, well here are some more pics of the operation,



I also bottled the Rose Petal wine that has been clearing in the airing cupboard,
but the parsnip is still cloudy. So I am going to filter it when the paper arrives, I tried it with muslin but the mesh was not fine enough, so I ordered some milk filter papers when I got cheese making supplies. They should catch the small lumps better.

I actually went to work after a 29 day break, a bit of a shock to the system, but nice to get back in the groove again. I actually get a good picture with my new phone of a ship entering Tilbury Lock in the dark.

Food wise, on Wednesday we had stir fried onion, peppers, mushrooms and Chorizo with added couscous; it only took about 10 minutes so was ideal after a day travelling.

Thursday I made a white loaf,


And a tomato flatbread which I topped with the last of the Haloumi, it crisped up a bit but tasted OK.


 I just read that people waste half of the food they buy, I’m shocked. I threw a pepper away yesterday because it had gone rotten, but the others I brought at the same time I used. I think that that is the first thing I have thrown away for ages, we don’t always fill a bag for the caddy every week.

Anyhow I made a meat ragout with the usual suspects and split it, half for tomorrow as is and half with some tomato sauce and pasta tonight.

I use the grain pasta, adding it to the meat and sauce, as it cooks it thickens the sauce. (And it means less washing up!)

I have been picked up the proverbial and have sent off part one of my novel for a professional critique, but now I am nervously awaiting the verdict, I hope that there will be some positive reaction, even if it is only suggestions for improvement. I have three weeks to worry about it.

Finally today, here is a picture of my lovely wife, and her new hairstyle.

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