Thursday, 24 January 2013

Where has the time gone?

I have hardly blinked and it seems that a couple of weeks have passed. There has been quite a lot going on here and the time has flown. We have had little snow in this corner of Devon, but on a trip to get my car serviced, I saw that we have been very fortunate. Also when driving to and from work, the South-East seems to have been harder hit. I do remember 1963, and going to school every day through drifts that were so much taller than me, (I was 5!) but I think that we forget when we have a few mild years that we live in a place that can have quite severe weather.

Anyhow, we have been keeping warm with lots of soups and casserole type meals, then my oven broke down. We have waited a week for the parts, I did try using the "Top" oven, but it is even more wildly unreliable, temperature wise, than the main one. Hence my breads were burnt on the bottom whilst raw on top. The people are coming to fix it today so hopefully normal service will be resumed.

Talking to neighbours, the cooker is a lot older than we thought, when we moved in the people we brought from agreed to leave it, as it was fitted, and had cleaned it so that it looked almost new. Turns out they had inherited it from the previous owners 5 years before. So at least its nearly 8 years old and may be older.

Heres a couple of pictures of the dogs, basking in the central heating. Bless!


I'm still getting used to the camera on my phone, it also uploads them straight to the web, which is a bit unsettling, I'll have to try and turn that off.

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