Saturday, 24 August 2013


As I said last time, today was Totnes Good Food, and as usual it was a good day, despite the rain. A chance to see some old friends, and sample the best local produce from the region.
As normal, we were spoilt for choice for lunch, but in the end chose the pork and apricot sausage roll from Red Earth Kitchen, a particular favourite, and now also stocked by the West Country Deli in Brixham.

Evergreen Farm were there, and after the excellent Lamb Burger, we had trouble deciding just what to sample. In the end, we brought sausages, Scotch eggs and 2 rump steaks.

To cook the steaks I first trimmed the bulk of the fat, which I dryfried to release the flavour, I prefer to do this first to wet the pan, before adding the meat. Also neither of us like the fat on the plate, picky?

Add a generous amount of crushed garlic to the steaks while the first side is sealing , then flip, these are so tender they only need a couple of minutes to acheive perfection.

And there they are. With tomatoes from the garden and fresh mushrooms from the market, Devon life doesn't get much better!

Below is the crumble I made from the left over Blackberries, and some Rhubarb I picked.

We sneaked out for a coffee on Thursday, and found this lovely mural painted on the coffee shop wall

On the way to work, I saw a spectacular cloud formation, it looked like a flight of stairs to the sky, I tried a picture, after stopping in a lay-by but it lacks the depth of the sight.

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