Monday, 30 September 2013

Jamie Misses a Trick, and Special Fried Rice

I've been watching the Jamie Oliver series on CH4, the money saving one, and I've spotted something that has got me wondering.

When he does the roast chicken meal, he boils the potatoes then tips the water away. Later when making gravy, he uses water from the kettle?

Is it only me that makes gravy from the potato water?

Personally, I reckon that as the potatoes have boiled in it for 15 minutes or so, there must be some of their 'essence' (for want of a better word) in there. And it seems criminal to throw it away. Comments welcomed.

Back to the real world, and as you will have noticed, we had the chicken from our meat box yesterday.

There was enough meat left

for six portions, that's all in the freezer now.

As usual I boiled the carcass for three hours with carrot and onion,

and made 1.4 litres of stock.

I also gave the bones another picking after that, and got enough meat for a part meal.

Tonight's plan was for fried rice, starting with Peas, Onion and five spice powder.

While the rice was boiling, I added prawns to the chicken, with a bit of plum sauce,

I also prepared eggs for scrambling.

Unlike most recipes that you will see, I prefer to scramble the eggs separately, then fold in at the last minute.

When the rice has about five minutes to go, heat the peas and onion, adding the meat and prawns. Start the eggs off (I use a microwave)

When the meat/veg is warmed thoroughly, add the rice, after straining, and mix well.

Finally, fold in the egg, mixing well, and serve, topped with sesame seeds.

I like it with prawn crackers and sweet chilli sauce.

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