Sunday, 8 September 2013

Lamb and Apricot, Moroccan Style.

As I have said before, I'm not a big fan of giving precise quantities in the food ideas that I post. For one thing, its a matter of taste, and what I find works for me may be to "something" for you, and for another, you may be reading this outside my country, where ingredients differ. Also I don't know how many you are cooking for.

So apart from the times where a precise amount of anything is required (like bread) I will tell you what I used and leave the amounts up to you.

I love Baharat (the spice mix), it gives meats like lamb and chicken a subtle taste and reminds me of past times.

You can get it mixed or do your own, I think life's too short so I buy it ready made. Failing that a ready made Tagine Paste will do the job, or Ras el hanout. Even Za'atar if that's all you have.

For this meal I used 500g of lamb mince, 2 teaspoons of Baharat, 100g fruits, 1 large onion and some flaked almonds. I also used100g bag of giant cous-cous and 350ml veg stock.

First of all fry lamb, either small cubes of meat or mince with some finely chopped onion, until it is browned. Add your spice mix of choice and simmer, covered. DO NOT remove any liquid.

Roughly chop dried apricots, add a handful of raisins and add to the meat mixture. stir and cover. any liquid will be absorbed by the fruit as it re-hydrates.

Prepare your couscous according to the pack, however I always add a teaspoon of Veg Bouillon powder to the water, it improves the flavour IMHO.

Just before serving, stir flaked almonds into the meat mixture, to taste.

And there you are. Bit out of focus, but you get the idea.

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