Sunday, 12 January 2014

Condensed MIlk Bread.

Well here is my second new bread of the year, made with Nestle's condensed milk and butter, in addition to the normal bits and pieces. Find the recipe here,

We had a very nice day in Teignmouth yesterday, hardly a cloud in the sky, a walk along the front and a bag of chips, pure heaven!

Anyway, by 7 this morning, the dough was proving, alongside a sourdough that I started last night. Already the search has started for next weeks, maybe a Potato bread of some nature.

Back to the present, here is the dough, braided and ready to prove a second time.

30 minutes later, egg washed and ready to go.

and after a while in the oven,

and the crumb.

The Shortbread was a success,

we had to sample a piece of course!!

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