Sunday, 19 January 2014

Leech Well and Sharkham

Off to Totnes today, for the Good Food Sunday Market, but first a trip to the Leech Well, in the heart of the town.

It was a bit misty as we approached,

but a beautiful day.


As you can see, there are three springs here, and the remains of flowers and prayers left by other visitors.

In fact as we arrived, someone was drawing water. Out of respect, we left them to it before we approached.

The place has a quiet, mystical air about it, and you can feel why it has been important through the years, indeed you can almost reach out and hold the atmosphere.

After our visit, and a good morning talking to the stallholders and stocking up on the best local produce, I took the dogs out around Sharkham. This is another one of my favourite places, and in the afternoon sunlight, is one of the most beautiful. Although it has a beauty even in the worst storm. And a bounty of Blackberries, Elderflower, Elderberries and Sloes.

After that, I just had to stew up some of the blackberries from last years harvest, to enjoy after our meal of the goodies from the Market.

I do love it here in Devon.

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