Wednesday, 26 March 2014

There goes our day out

I thought I'd put up a picture of a rainbow, before I had a rant. Little things annoy me far more than they should sometimes and yesterdays was on the face of it a little thing, but on further examination became a bigger thing.
Since Yvonne's operation, we have tried to get out and about when she feels up to it, and the frequency is increasing. To stop her going stir crazy we went out yesterday afternoon for a walk and a cup of tea.
There was a parcel due to arrive via courier. Now I know that you have to wait in all day for most things, as if you had nothing else on, but a parcel? Well I spoke to the people next door and they said that they would be around all afternoon, until 1515. So I stuck a note on  my door and we went out.
We actually got back at 1520, and found a card to say that there had been no answer and the parcel would be redelivered. Slightly annoyed that we had missed by 5 minutes, I phoned and arranged delivery for today.
The neighbour saw me in the garden later, and I explained that of all the times it could arrive, that 5 minute window had been like a magnet, expecting a grin and a sage nodding of her head.
"Oh," she said, "there was someone here all the time, so he can't have knocked."
Annoyed barely covers it, hence our day out today has been cancelled, at least until the man has been.

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