Monday, 12 May 2014

A few things I had lying around.

Healthy eating here we come, but first, finish off all the bits and pieces that fill your cupboards, things you brought because they were cheap, not necessarily because they were wanted.
So I found a jar of Passata and a packet of Potato Gnocchi, that were cheap, some onions and peppers that were left over, some chilli and garlic sauce and some cooked chicken. Oh and a bit of Chorizo.

First up, fry the Gnocchi in Olive Oil until they start to brown and crisp.

Reserve for later. In the pan, fry chopped Onion, pepper and the Chilli and garlic sauce until the pieces are soft.

Slice the chorizo and shred the chicken.

Add the meat to the passata and warm,

 then mix in the veg.

 Finally add the gnocchi and stir together.

And there it is, ready in 20 minutes. And some stuff that had been cluttering up the larder has found a good home.The picture may not do it justice, as the chicken has broken down, but if you could smell and taste it you would think differently.

On our walk this afternoon, whilst the dogs were checking for rabbits, I saw that the blackberries were starting to bud. I can't wait.


Here is the Wholemeal and Oat loaf from last time,

Based on an overnight ferment.

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