Monday, 29 September 2014

I hate being Ill

Since July, I have had a pain in my shoulder, I have had physio and a steroid injction, but nothing has done much good. Now I am seeing a different physio, who has basically said that all the previous treatments were wrong, and that I should not have had the injection! So far, I'm sad to say that her treatment has not improved my situation; maybe I should give it more time to work. To be honest I can't keep using up my sick leave with nothing to show, if anything it feels worse than it did in July.

Perhaps it's just me getting old and worn out?

Changing the subject, I have been trying a few different things cooking wise, we had Salmon dressed with my Blackberry Vinegar Glaze, I roasted a few veg, tomatoes from the garden and peppers, to go with it.

And a crumble, with Apple, Pear and Berries from the garden,
Talking of which, I have new blossom and fruits on my Pear Tree, maybe it knows something I don't,

Must be the Indian summer we're having, I was waiting to prune it all back.

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