Thursday, 11 September 2014

Too much Information

Mega order for Oats yesterday, one of the largest I have done for them, a lot more work than 120 rolls as well.

2 Small Rye Sourdough, 2 Soda Bread, 4 Spelt Tin, 2 White Bloomer, 20 Dairy Free Teacakes and 30 Devon Splits.
That was enough to keep me very busy, and if I had heard about it in time I could have done another 2 Rye, but I'd already started the ferment. It takes me about 36 hours to make my Rye Sourdough loaf, for Wednesday delivery I like to know by Monday evening so that I can let my starter work overnight. I could do it quicker but it wouldn't be right and I don't want to compromise the product just to sell more. Ultimately they wouldn't come back as it wouldn't be as tasty. So I will do 4 next week. 
Also the Jammy Dodgers featured at Millie and Me on Facebook,

Meanwhile I have actually made a loaf for myself, using Doves Farm Heritage Flour. I used the full kilo of flour in one loaf with 700g water and 20g each of yeast and salt. It proved for an hour and was shaped and baked in my Le Creuset Dutch Oven.


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