Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Fish Pie

Living in Brixham, perhaps its a bit strange that we don't eat a lot of fish. When I was growing up in Torbay, I remember eating a lot of fish. My father was a carpenter who did woodworking jobs on some of the fishing boats, and would very often open the front door in the morning to find a bucket of fish on the step.

Today I found some Pollock, and as I had a couple of pieces of salmon in the freezer, fish pie was on the menu. I boiled potato, Parsnip and Squash to make a mash topping, while that was going on I started on the pie.

First job was to cut the fish into chunks and mix, meanwhile I made up a cheese sauce and added frozen peas.

This has the added benefit of cooling the sauce so it doesn't start to cook the fish.

Next I mixed it all together,

and topped with the mash.

Ready for the oven.

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