Monday, 16 November 2015

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I now have four reviews for Ribbonworld on Amazon, three are 5* and one is 4*, I'm really pleased that people are enjoying the book, I have three more blog reviews pending, fingers crossed. 
My author website has part two of my thoughts on creating fiction, in which I talk about the technology of my future worlds. You can reach it here. Next time I will be discussing either the personalities of my characters or developing a plot, depending which one I finish writing first.

We're getting busy now with Yule approaching at a frightening pace. Georgina will be coming home from Australia in the next fortnight, it will be the first Xmas we have had all the family together since 2008 and its sure to be a great celebration.

Since we lost our dog Fliss, we have been taking our other dog Tizer out as much as possible, he's coping well we think, he has such a sad face anyway so its hard to tell. Last Sunday he had a swim off Breakwater Beach in Brixham and really enjoyed it.

Food wise, I have tried a few new breads, including Sweet Potato Focaccia, which was delicious.

And now I have increased orders for Well Bread products, this week I'm making Sourdough Digestive Biscuits, Spelt Sourdough Crumpets and Spelt Sourdough Beer Battered Onion Rings, as well as the usual breads.

For myself and Yvonne, we have had various comestible concoctions, including prawns on Rye bread,

Lamb mince Moroccan Style (tagine spices and cous-cous)

and Yvonne's Chocolate and Orange Cheesecake, with mini Jaffa Cakes  and mandarins on top.

That was served with Clotted Cream! (Obviously)

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