Monday, 8 August 2016

Painting furniture (Part One), and fried Gnocchi

Hmmm, there's a combination for you. Not all on the same plate of course.
Way back in 2011 when I first started this blog, I wrote of painting my grandmother's dresser, in fact,it was my third post on this blog. See it here for a bit of nostalgia, and you can see how my style has changed as well.

Anyway, five years on, the furniture is in need of an update, I washed it down with Sugar Soap to remove the grease

I took all the brasswork off as well,

And soaked it in a well-known carbonated beverage, it's in there somewhere.

Then it was time to paint,

 and while the paint was drying I made supper.

Dead easy this one, just these ingredients,

Sun-dried Tomatoes, chopped.
And basically, all you do is chop and fry it all together, 

Gnocchi are delicious when fried, they taste so much better than the boiled version.

adding the sauce at the end and warming it through.

Delicious with Garlic Bread.

Don't miss the next part, when we see how clean the brasswork is and I put more paInt on to furniture.

As a bonus, Naomi sent me this picture of Maeve.

Isn't she lovely!

Amy also sent one of Elsa,

I have such beautiful grandchildren, thank you so much, Amy and Naomi!


  1. lovely photos of the girls. Supper looks good and I like what you are doing to the dresser. looking forward to seeing the next episode.

    hope you and Yvonne are keeping well/

    take care

    pattypan aka tricia

  2. Thanks Tricia, hope all is well with you.