Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Lamb and Sardines (Not together)

As I said last time, Lamb and Couscous, First some chopped tomato

then the meat, a Pepper and 2 Onions.

brown the meat, chop the veg,

 add the tomato to the meat in a tagine,

then add the veg, spices (Baharat mix), chopped apricots and some sultanas.


cook at 140 degrees for about 3 hours,

serve with couscous.
Once again, I refreshed my sourdough and used the excess to make a loaf, part Rye and part Wholemeal.

Next the Sardine bake, Chop some potatoes into thin chips, I used a mandolin, but not any old one, after lots of blood, I learnt my lesson and brought an electric one. Bit of a gadget, but reduces the pain level considerably. Once you've cut the potato, (no need to peel) wash the starch out,
and part boil, then fry in a little oil. Add fried onion (just softened) and mix.
Now its just assembly, place half the potato in an oiled dish and cover with the fish,

top with the rest of the potato.
Bake for 30 minutes in a 180 degree oven, uncovered for the last 15 minutes, so that it browns, and serve.


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