Sunday, 27 October 2013

Roast Pork

This is my 200th post, I never thought I'd get this far!!! I wonder if anyones still watching?

Todays project is Roast Pork, I have a leg joint from Well Hung Meat, part of my box, and will give it the respect it deserves, roasting it with apple and topped with stuffing. No crackling in this recipe, because its slow roasted I'm doing it seperately.

So the first job is to remove the skin from the joint, while the oven is heating up.

 At the same time peel your potatoes and prepare the peelings for part cooking.

The Pork skin is splashed with my home made wine vinegar and rubbed with a little salt. Then its cut into pieces and put on a rack. Into a hot oven for 20 mins, along with the peelings.

Meanwhile the meat is rubbed with a little oil and put in my trusty casserole on a bed of apple,


topped off with breadcrumbs (mixed with some dried mixed herbs)

Then it's ready for the oven. Wieghing 1.2 Kilo's , it'll need about 2hours at 160 degrees, by which time the apple will have rendered down into the juices.

As many of you will know, I dislike giving too precise times and temperatures, instead I think its better to keep an eye on it, having a rough idea of what should happen. That way, you can be flexible enough to modify either or both if the desired result is not obtained.

We are eating at about 4.30 so I put the oven on to max at 1pm with the peelings and pork skin in.

And heres the crackling in all its glory,

the fat has dripped into the tray, so is returned to the meat in the casserole.

The potatoes and parsnips have been boiled, and are ready to roast,

After an hour, the apples are mush, and the stuffing is moist,

Time to get the potatoes in, with a little Goose Fat.
30 Minutes to go, get the veg on, steamed of course.
I took the meat out of the oven, and tried to lift it out of the casserole for a photo. It was so well cooked that it fell apart, so instead of carving it, we had lumps.
The breadcrumbs and apple made a superb sauce, along with gravy made with the potato water and a little stock.
And there was enough left for Yvonne to have a meal tomorrow, with two portions for the freezer.

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