Thursday, 17 July 2014


You would assume, that as I bake bread most days at around 5am, we would eat a lot of bread. In fact I very often find that I haven't made any for us, so I then have to do an extra bake mid afternoon, or on a day when I had nothing planned. However there are some recipes that make two loaves or more than the requested number of rolls, when that happens then we get the other,

One such was a recent Panini order, I scale them at an even weight to ensure they all cook correctly, and had two left over.

I cut them and sprinkled a few drops of Balsamic, then covered with Passata, Basil, Cheese and Fresh Tomato. They went under the grill for a couple of minutes and were delicious.

As I said last time, I'd started to make Rose Petal wine on Tuesday, well today I strained the petals off and added sugar and yeast.

It's now residing in the Airing Cupboard, and has started to ferment already.

I needed the saucepan for jam, after picking the berries and adding the ones from the freezer, I had 4.5kg of fruit. Not as much as I had hoped for but I did prune the bushes quite hard last year.

In the end I made 21 jars of Jam, not too bad,

we'll soon have the Blackberries so I can restock the freezer for the winter and make some bramble jelly!

Meanwhile, as I had finished with the saucepan, I started another batch of Rose Petal Wine, that will give me something to do on Saturday.

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