Saturday, 16 August 2014

Memories, Part 1.

I've been sorting through a load of old pictures from my past, and digitising them, I thought maybe I could share some of them,

Here's one to get you started, Cape Horn taken in 1980 from the "La Primavera" the ship I was on at the time.
We were sailing from Vancouver to Santos with a load of fertiliser, and the charterers wouldn't pay for the Panama Canal, or the Magellen Straits Pilotage.
Fortunately the weather was good, although a couple of days later we got caught in a Pampero, a local storm off the River Plate.
Next, and from the same voyage, we went up the Amazon, heading for a place called Munguba on the River Jari, one of its tributaries. There were random houses on the side of the river, surrounded by jungle.
We loaded China Clay in Munguba, and went to San Fransisco.

It doesn't seem like over 30 years ago, but the quality of the photo's gives it away, old Kodak 126 film.

Maybe I'll put some more up later.

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