Sunday, 24 August 2014

Pork Belly with a twist.

Here it is then; my take on Slow Roasted Pork Belly, with a use for just about all of it. (except maybe the squeak)

The Meat was from Well Hung in Buckfast, well worth a look as they deliver anywhere and its superb quality,

I know it's out of date, it's been in the freezer!

So I put the slices fat side up in a casserole and oiled/salted them,

 before covering with foil.

They had 2 hours in the oven, covered at 160°, at which point I drained off all the fat that had rendered down, (more about that later) then returned them, covered again for another 30 minutes.

I then cut the meat off the rind, there was hardly any fat left. and put them back

Next I covered them in home made sourdough stuffing mix (crumbs and dried sage and dried onion), tipping a little of the fat over it all and mixing well, so they resembled chicken nuggets.

I covered them with more foil and returned them to the oven for 45 minutes, to cook the moistened stuffing.

I also did some of my roasties, using the rest of the reserved fat instead of my usual Goose fat.

Served with gravy and a selection of veg and to wash it all down; a glass of last years Elderflower wine. What could be better?

How can I top that tomorrow?

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