Thursday, 25 June 2015

A new regime

One month to go now, my association with the Port of London will officially cease on July 31st, 22 years after it started.

I've been gradually building up the bread business to take over from August 1st, at which point I will set it all up as the Well Bread! Sourdough Bakery, and be the owner, manager and staff.

I've set my customers orders up so that I work two days a week, and a couple of mornings before 9am, thus making sure that I don't disrupt our lives too much. It takes a bit of juggling but I think I'm getting there, of course there is more news on the bread blog, so please have a look, the link is on the right.

This week, I delivered on Monday and we headed to Teignmouth for a day out, intending to dodge the rain if we had to but have a laugh. 

We succeeded in keeping dry and had a nice day, I found a strange road sign, not maybe as precise as you might expect.

Tuesday was spent preparing bread for Wednesday's orders, the thing with Sourdough is that it takes 24-36 hours to produce, with long gaps between periods of activity, so it can hold you captive. At least there are plenty of jobs to do around the house, so we've been doing them in the gaps. Yvonne has been waxing the dining room table whilst I've been sanding the floors down, both things have come up looking as good as new.

Wednesday I delivered at 9 and we popped into Paignton. Yvonne had to go to the bank and we had a coffee in town. I've got to sort out the loft, a lot of the boxes have been up there, unopened, since we moved in and need sorting. It's a winter job really as it gets hot up there in summer so I'm putting it off as long as possible.

Thursday I started orders for Friday, 19 loaves this week, 15 Sourdough and 4 Yeasted, I will have an early start on Friday to finish off, then after deliveries I have another 20 kg of flour arriving. I've used nearly that much this week already. Here are some of them preparing for an overnight rise in the fridge.

There was a strange object on the decking outside the front door,

I think its a shed skin from one of our resident slow worms. Yvonne is not too keen.

My black tomatoes are getting larger, but how do you tell when they are ripe? They are quite hard just now so I'm guessing they need more time.

And I've just spotted a flower on my potatoes, it won't be long till I can dig some up, I do love new potatoes.

So all in all a quiet week, Saturday is a day off, time for some open gardens (NGS) as long as it stays dry.

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