Saturday, 6 June 2015

The Kitchen is Done.

Well sort of, the worktops are inn, and the sink and all the plumbing has been done. The Electrics will be sorted out tomorrow and then the part we have been eagerly anticipating...... decorating!!!!!!! You can just see the tester patches on the wall above the tiles and to be honest I can't remember which one we ended up with, anyway its in the shed and we will find out tomorrow whether we still like the colour.

We have done a lot of cleaning in the cupboards and on the tiles, and I got down on my knees and scrubbed the floor tiles with Bleach while I was in the mood. All the drawers and Cupboards have new handles as well, and they all match.

To delay the inevitable, we are off to look around various shops today, I have a list of bits and pieces to do and so does Yvonne, we will get going on putting the stuff back in cupboards this afternoon.

At least we are at the stage where everything is usable, and a good job too, as I had a small order to do this morning. Only 2 loaves and 6 Scones but with everything scattered around the place it took me a while. I thought I had got it all ready last night but had missed a few things and had to hunt around for them. It was nice not having the Gas Hob in the way though, and cleaning up afterwards was so much easier.

Here's the results,

Have a great weekend.

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