Thursday, 11 June 2015

Highs and Lows

After the excitement of getting the Kitchen done, and the realisation that I had to do some painting, I awoke on Sunday to find that the internet had gone off in the night. I traced the fault to the router, which had no power light and after trying it in other sockets confirmed that it was an ex-router, now merely a black plastic paperweight.

The people at my provider were really good and sent me one straight out, the three days without internet connection have flown by, and I've got so much more done without the distraction.

One half of the Kitchen is done, all the shelves are back up and the plates and pans are back in place. We had a good sort out of all the things you accumulate and never use and took three big bags to a local charity shop.

The eagle eyed among you will see that I have updated my cover picture, its the same view but 4 years on. I'm trying to get it all across the page but it doesn't want to a the moment, I will fiddle later.

As you can see the garden is a riot of self seeded foxgloves and the roses we have planted or brought with us when we moved.

and my Black Tomato has set its first fruits.

In bread news, dealt with more in the bread blog, I have been following an online course from Teresa Greenway, with increasing levels of success.

White and Wholemeal Sourdough Loaves
as well as my usual orders.

Buckwheat Rolls

Spelt and Spelt with Walnuts

Spelt Sourdough
I also now produce Scones, using Sourdough, both plain and fruited.

for sale as part of a Cream Tea.

The picture isn't of one of mine though.

Having caught you up, I'm off to paint the rest of the ceiling in the diner.

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