Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Hot pot and Mackerel fishcakes

One thing that I could never get my children to eat was lamb hot-pot. I don't know why? after all, they liked lamb, I think it was the butter beans that put them off.

Anyway, now that they all have gone off to cook for themselves, I like to make it for Yvonne and I and I've added a little twist of my own to it.

First, the lamb, chunks from the leftovers from our roast.

Cut the meat into small pieces and put it into a casserole with the spare gravy, add the butter beans (or not)

then add chopped onion, carrots and some frozen peas.

Give it a stir, this is when it stops looking quite so nice but bear with it, things will get better.

Top with sliced sweet potato,

and top that with the pre-cooked potato skins that I'm always banging on about. If you don't know the secret of these, look HERE. They're a great way to avoid food waste.

Now all you have to do is cook it at 180°C for about an hour and a half, until the onion and sweet potato are soft.

Next up this week, Mackerel fishcakes. The first job is to dry some bread, 140°C for an hour and make some breadcrumbs.

Take your Mackerel, I found these in a local shop, a little easier than fresh as I was in a rush.

drain the sauce and mash the fish, adding Balsamic vinegar and salt/pepper to taste.

Get some mashed potato and sweet potato mixture,

combine, and then form into cakes,

cover with flour,

then the breadcrumbs and you're done.

Saturday, 6 May 2017

Round up, and some big news

Yvonne has been busy again in her work for the charity LoveQuiltsUK, here are the latest of her completed projects

And if you go to the charities website, you can see the wonderful work they do.

We had Naomi and Maeve down for a couple of days last week, for a change the weather was kind and we managed to get to the beach in Paignton,

and the breakwater beach in Brixham, where we also had a visit from an inquisitive seal.

Food wise, we had my famous chicken in peanut sauce (equal parts peanut butter and Sweet Chili Sauce) baked in the oven with mixed potato and sweet potato wedges.

And Yvonne made a Chilli con Carne, which we had with rice and garlic bread.

After they had gone I topped up my stock of Sourdough, Beer-battered Onion Rings, using my new fryer,

I use this beer from Aldi, it has a lovely flavour and compliments the sourdough taste, plus I get the spare!

And the other big news, my latest novel is available to pre-order, for a limited time the eBook is HALF PRICE, £1.49 or $0.99 depending on where you are,

Plus I got a review