Sunday, 17 February 2013


I’ve just realised that it’s been three weeks since my last post. I can’t really believe that amount of time has passed, and so much has happened that it’s a bit difficult to know where to begin.

My excuse this time is that there have been a few medical issues, and a few other things that will become clearer I time (hopefully)

Firstly both my wife and one of my daughters have been in hospital with cardiac problems, both are resolved now but it caused me quite a lot of worry.

Next I have had to work a bit and drive home tired, upsetting my sleep patterns, and making me feel like doing less. And if I don’t feel in the right mood for writing, I just can’t get the words out, however hard I try.

And finally with the better weather, there have been lots of other jobs to do.

I have made a lot of changes to the back garden, we have been here nearly three years now and I think that it’s finally becoming “our” garden, instead of the garden.

We have done a lot of work re-planting in the front, and I have changed the back around, renewed the raised beds, shifted the cold-frame and put up two plastic greenhouses.
New boards

New Bed, ready to tidy

New layout

Ready for Potatoes and Broad Beans sown

I also sowed broad beans yesterday, and my first early seed potatoes are sprouting on the kitchen windowsill.


Food wise there have been lots of stews, soups and pasta meals for the colder days, I found a small Tagine in Paignton and produced a lamb, chickpea and apricot effort which went down well.


I found a new wholefood shop in Brixham, and have asked them if they would like to sell my sourdough bread. I will do them a sample next time and if they approve will get my kitchen registered. Every time I refresh my starter, I lose some of it, making bread would use it up and avoid waste, which as you all know by now is against my principles.

Other breads made include a rye and seed, and some soft rolls.


I sent the first part of my novel off for a professional critique, and the results are in. (as they say) There was a bit of good news and a bit of bad, but the remarks were all positive in nature, basically it was well received but there were areas that could be improved. All in all though; it was a boost to my ambitions, as both reviewers said that it was a publishable concept. Now all I have to do is address the faults, improve the grammar and summon up the courage to submit it to a literary agent. Yes that’s all!
There were a few fog patches on my dog walk around Sharkham yesterday,

but the daffodils are starting to come out.

The Black Cat in Brixham had an excellent Pecan Pie on Friday,

Today is Totnes Good Food Sunday, so we will be off there shortly, YUM.