Friday, 18 November 2011

Bathroom Update

For all of you that are interested, the next stage of the bathroom is complete (Nearly)

Now that the ceiling is done to my satisfaction, (Thanks Norma, your'e trick with the P.V.A. worked a treat!) I’ve put up a plate to stop the heater burning the paintwork; it was at this point that I found that the ceiling is not level, but warped in two directions. Anyhow I managed to bend the plate to fit before securing. It should also reflect heat into the room, now all we need is some cold weather to test it out; it’s still about 11-12 degrees here, even at night.

So after that I started the purple walls, I think they look good, and I will be carrying on with that a bit at a time allowing for shower use and paint drying times.


Food wise, today we have chorizo, onions and peppers with fried polenta. The polenta has been cooling in the fridge and is cut into cubes before frying. 

The veg were chopped Onions and Peppers, with some chopped mushrooms and garlic, also some sun-dried tomatoes. It actually tasted pretty good.

The Veg and Chorizo

Fried Polenta Cubes

Put them Together

I must give a mention to a local cafĂ© in Brixham; over the years it’s been Veggie, then greasy spoon (X2) and is now back to Veggie. It’s called the Black Cat, and has a great range of food and drink, if there is a website I will put up a link. Judging from the location of my readers it’s fairly unlikely that you will be around, but if you are I can recommend it. We had green/herbal tea there yesterday, with carrot and cardamom cake. Yum.

I want to get as much of the bathroom done as I can before next friday, as Naomi and Eamon are coming down for the wekend, but I have a busy week with work, blood doners and Tizer to the vets. He has been ill for a while with gastric problems, and He's Epileptic, but we have found that he has a low white blood cell count. Tests have been repeated and we are waiting for results, but I suspect he will have to go back again next week. He is only 8, not old for a Labrador. Here he is in happier times, enjoying a swim

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