Tuesday, 8 November 2011

At last, I’ve started re-decorating the Bathroom. When we moved in, it was probably the room that needed it the most, but it’s taken me till now to get round to it.

We’ve brought the paint, fittings and bits and pieces for it over the last week, and as it was raining I thought I’d get going. There were cork tiles on the ceiling that were coming off, it looked like the ceiling was coming down, although after getting them all off it looked instantly better. I’ve got one coat of artex over it, but it needs another to fill in all the dents and irregularities, so I’ve got a bit of time until it dries to update my blog.

In-between doing that, and whilst Yvonne wanted to use the bathroom, I sorted out our meal for tonight.  After the success of the beef stock and barley soup last night, I felt like a cold meal (Yvonne can never decide what to have so I made an executive decision) and made a spicy couscous salad type concoction.

First, and whilst the couscous was soaking I fried onions, garlic and chopped chorizo in its own fat, adding a teaspoon of Harrisa Paste and some chopped dried apricots and sun dried tomatoes. After this was softened and the couscous was fluffed I mixed them together. Just before serving I will add chopped almonds and sesame seeds.

Last night Norma came round with some eggs from her new chickens, looking forward to them soon. Anyhow I had just cracked a bottle of Rhubarb wine (to see how it was coming on) and offered a glass to Norma. Turns out that she has never had Rhubarb before, but thought it was good. It tasted especially good to me as I grew the Rhubarb, and it reminded me of my Grandmothers home made wine which she used to make when I was a lot younger than I am now.

I’m afraid that after a rather good lunch I got a bit over enthusiastic with the artex and put it on a bit thickly. As the first coat wasn’t really dry it’s started dripping off the ceiling, so I’m going to leave it for the day.

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