Saturday, 26 November 2011

Work on the bathroom has slowed a bit, due to the day job, doctors appointments and Naomi coming down for the weekend. However I have finished painting the walls, and have set aside tomorrow for cleaning the tiles and all the fittings, changing the taps and tiling a border. The flooring company man is measuring up on Monday, with a provisional fitting date of 12th December, so all must be done by then.

I said last time that I would put up the link for the Black Cat Café, and here it is,

It should induce cake withdrawal symptoms; I feel a trip coming on. There are pictures of the day’s cakes and other info.

I made a huge bowl of my Chorizo and Veg for last night, with Onion Focaccia, there was not a scrap left! In accordance with normal practice, Naomi and Eamon ordered it before they came down – when they come down it’s either that or Chicken satay and Wedges, Oh the hardship!

As I said before, I had a large number of small citrus left over, they were a bit sharp for eating, so I made a Balsamic Glaze, especially good for Chicken or Pork but works on Prawns as well. The Balsamic was not an expensive one, but again quite sharp on its own.

Quarter the fruit and squeeze into a pan.

Add the vinegar and heat.

Boil for about 10 minutes, then crush and remove the fruits.

Add a weight of sugar equal to the amount of liquid in grams.

Boil until it starts to set, strain and bottle.

This gets poured over meat or fish before grilling, or marinades veg etc.

It will soon be time for Christmas Shortbread and Mince pie making, I'm gathering ingredients. It doesn't seem like it's nearly December, its still 12-13 degrees here, last year we had snow at this time.

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