Wednesday, 25 June 2014

A new Shed rises

My garden shed suffered in last winters storms. One of the panels had a structural failure, and was repaired with old bits of wood and plastic bin liners, oh and a lot of finger crossing that it would last till summer.

Apart from a bit of water getting in, it did, but when I ordered a replacement, I was told there was a months wait, well hat was OK but then the day before delivery, I was called to say that there would be another 6 weeks before it arrived. By then the weather had improved a lot, and I didn't want to start the whole process again so I agreed.

It arrived last week and was stored in the garage, whilst we emptied and dismantled the old one. Well I say dismantled because it practically fell down as soon as I started to take the roof off.

Its all ready for the man to some and take it to the tip for me, I could do it myself but it would mean cutting it all up into smaller bits, and a day of driving (its a 10 mile round trip) so its easier for him to do it in one load. And cheaper. Plus I can spend the time putting the new one up.

He was prompt and he was brilliant, all the debris was loaded in about 10 minutes and the site was clear.

After a cup of coffee, Yvonne and I got going, the time was 12 noon.

And at 2.30 pm, this was how it looked.

Fantastic, now I can fill it with junk. There's a few things still to do but nothing major, I need some shelves inside and a couple of storage boxes, and a post to hang the gate on, time for a trip to the builders merchant.

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  1. Ouch! It seems like your old shed was really in the wars for a while there. Never mind, the new shed looks a lot sturdier to me. The design looks nice too. Wood's great, but your new one will withstand the wind and rain a lot better I reckon. Good on you! Thank you for sharing this.