Saturday, 21 June 2014

Solstice Blessings to you All.

I can't quite cope with the idea that it's the longest day already, it hardly seems yesterday it was Yule, but that's probably a sign of getting old. (That and the police looking young!)

I drove back from Gravesend this morning, after a good photo of sunrise over Tilbury Power Station.

I decided against taking the A303 past Stonehenge, as I thought it would be busy, so instead took the M4 and M5 route via Bristol. A bit further, but delay free.

After a snooze, I took the dog for a walk along the cliffs, there was an intrepid hang-glider floating around,

and it was one of those perfect afternoons, warm but with enough breeze to make it pleasant, and a joy to be out.

I have been resisting digging up my potatoes, but the stems are wilting now so I took the plunge and tried one of the bags.

Not a bad crop, certainly enough for lunch tomorrow, and another 6 bags left to dig later.

I have just put a preview of my latest work of fiction up on Createspace for comments. This one is a crime thriller set in the future, (there's a thread running through all my work!) so if you're interested have a look, all comments appreciated. (Except the abusive or downright rude) Here's the link.
Hope you had a great solstice, and that you've got over the football.

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