Monday, 16 June 2014

There's wildlife and

There is quite a bit of wildlife around us, we have a mouse in the garden under the decking, he comes out and eats the birds peanuts, you can see him in the middle of the picture.

also on my dog walk, I found a shrew, he moved fast but I got him in the frame in the end.

and there ware three seagull chicks on Norma's garage roof, Mum didn't want me to get too close so all you can see is a grey blob.

After that, I was a bit envious of Georgina's wildlife photo's from Australia.

or perhaps not.

Work was busy, after the 7 hour drive through Friday afternoon traffic, featuring people who don't know how to tow caravans or use lanes properly. One delay of about 20 minutes was for those slowing down to gaze at an accident on the other carriageway!

I went up and down the river a few times,

this was inward at Purfleet. 

It was Naomi's birthday on Saturday, so as I was coming down river at 0200 I sent her a message, thinking she would get it when she woke up. To my surprise she answered, asking if I was at work. I sent her this as proof,

fortunately, it looked a lot clearer to me.

I was watering my potatoes last night, and the force of the jet exposed these two beauties, clearly I haven't earthed them up enough, but it shows that in a fortnight or so, I can start enjoying new potatoes.

And my second sowing of runer beans are now starting to sprout, hence the slug pellets.


Following the successful baking of the Pea Bread, I thought that I would use it in its logical place, a fish-finger sandwich. I think that for the Mark 2 version I will incorporate some whole peas, just to make the point.

It tasted pretty good as it was though.

Another of Yvonne's inspired ideas was the Chocolate and Marmalade loaf, I tried this with Wholemeal flour, in an attempt to be a bit healthy, but it only masked the flavours, again a Little work is required to get the mix right. But it looked the part.

and the last I picked up from the Internet, Lentil and Turmeric sourdough, again the finished product, while very tasty needs a little work to get a better result.

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