Saturday, 28 June 2014

Lamb Burger with Trimmings.

We went to Totnes yesterday, for the market, and to try to get a day out as the weather was breaking. (Glastonbury weekend so it was bound to rain)

We had a couple of showers in the day and a rumble or two, but  we dodged them, and it was beautiful when I took the dogs to Sharkham mid afternoon. The clouds shadows on the sea was striking, so I took a few shots.

along with crepuscular rays, cloud shadow is one of my favourite sights.

I also found the following sign in a Health Food Shop in Totnes, very apt;

Totnes was looking good between the thunderstorms yesterday, I love the views of surrounding hills poking between the buildings.

Now to food, and I really fancied a Lamb Burger for lunch, but the menu had changed in the cafe we normally use, so I was denied. And then I thought, why not get the bits and do it yourself!

Of course, once you do, you can make it personal, and this now wasn't going to be any old Lamb Burger, this would be a Lamb Burger with Goats Cheese and Mint.

I picked some mint from the garden,

chopped it and mixed it into the Lamb Mince.

Then I moulded the mince into cups and filed with Goats Cheese,

Finally covering the cheese to make a burger.

I had made some rolls earlier, with leftover dough from the Millie order,

Now its time to cook the burgers and marry the two, with a little salad, sprayed with Balsamic.

That's supper sorted, andwe've had a few good days out, so it can rain for a while if it wants. At least we don't have to water the Tomatoes.

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