Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Yvonne Bakes a Cake (Amongst other things)

As I said before Norma and Phillip are coming round for a meal tomorrow (2nd), and Yvonne wanted to bake a chocolate cake for the occasion, never a bad idea, and what a cake this would turn out to be. Ten eggs, 250g of butter, 200g sugar and a host of decoration.

I tried to get an action picture of the mixing process (even though I was banned from the kitchen whilst creation was in progress) and I had to scuttle in and run out to get these somewhat blurred photos,

 But once the beast was fully pimped I was able to capture it in all it’s glory.

I can’t wait till tomorrow night; I’ll have to have small portions of the rest of the food to do it justice. Who am I kidding!

After lunch a trip to the Black Cat to see Polly, and to sample the Viennese Whirls which you may have seen on Facebook,

I can only tell you just how wonderful they were. Polly said that the recipe was meant to make 15, but she only got 5! Wow!

I looked at Hortense this morning, and as she was bubbling nicely, I decided to make my first sourdough loaves, there was getting rather a lot of her in the jar, and she was starting to produce the most wonderful aroma, I took 300g and made some dough. Then I fed her again, and as long as she is active in the morning will return her to the fridge to rest and build her strength up.

After mixing I left the dough to rise for 4 hours,

Then knocked it back and shaped it.

Excuse the burnt Silicone loaf tin, but it's had a hard life.I will now leave it overnight, and bake in the morning.

I also made coffee Ice-Cream to go with the cake.

Don’t miss tomorrow’s blow by blow account of the dinner party. We are having mixed tapas (inc Onion Coca, Blackberry Balsamic Dipping Oil, Patatas Bravas and various cheeses and olives) to start, Chicken and Chorizo with Roasted Vegetables as a main and The Cake.
Naturally there will be plenty of Home Made wine to help ease it down.

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