Thursday, 14 June 2012

A New Toy

 I have a new toy, Georgina has given me her camera as she no longer needs it, and it’s considerably better than mine for close up work.

Georgina and Naomi came down for the weekend, it was so good to see them, they brought Yvonne’s birthday presents down, and some things for Fathers Day for me.
As I said before we went to Bistro 46, the food as usual was superb, and Yvonne’s and Naomi’s desert plates were decorated. Fortunately, no singing was required.

On Sunday we had chicken in peanut sauce and potato wedges, which I think I have described to you before.
Wedges, Ready to cook
Chicken in Peanut sauce

I also made some bread which, after my sourdough problems, came out quite well.

Old Camera

New Camera

The rain has had one benefit (apart from the slugs!) and that is to bring on the Blackcurrants and Blackberries, it shouldn’t be too long now until jam-making time.

About three years ago, we visited the Lost Gardens of Heligan in Cornwall, whilst on holiday, and always wanted to return, as there were bits we didn’t get to see very well.
Also I felt a strange affinity with the place, and I want to know if I was just imagining it.

I do love photographing trees (Does that qualify as weird?) and actually got some very good pictures there last time.

It will be a good place to try the new camera, so weather permitting we are off there next Tuesday. Yvonne is now doing her beading course on Mondays, and she brought some impressive stuff home last week.

Work is really quiet at the moment; I only piloted one ship in my 24 hour shift, at the turn of the year I was doing three or four. That’s a bit of a worry; I can just hope that the Olympics and the aftermath bring an upturn.

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