Wednesday, 2 January 2013

The moment of Truth.

Today is the day we test the Haloumi, I have high hopes for it, as it seems to have firmed up nicely, so will slice and fry it with some mushrooms. There are sourdough rolls to put it in as well. I forgot to mention, I saved a litre of the whey, I have heard that its good for bread-making instead of water, so will try that next time.

To use up the last of the sliced Turkey and Ham, I made a batch of fried rice last night. Basically chopped onion and pepper, with the shredded meat, some 5 spice powder and peas, all fried in Sesame oil in a large pan. Meanwhile I had boiled rice and when it was just about done I did some scrambled egg in the microwave. This was then combined in the saucepan, and served, with Sweet Chilli Sauce and Prawn crackers.

Even though I try to shun the trappings of modern life, I find that I am not totally immune, and so my new mobile phone arrives today or tomorrow. I have had issues with my present one, which I got two years ago, because I got it on a whim, and to be honest I wish that I hadn’t. So I have been counting the days until I could replace it with one more suited to my needs. I have done a lot of research this time, so hopefully I will be happier with it for the next two years.

Also, my contact in the fruit trade tells me that its just about Seville Orange time, I have been buying the odd packet of sugar every week or so for the last month, so that I am ready, and intend to make two batches of Marmalade and two of the Vin D’Orange that proved so successful last year. One batch of Marmalade will go to work for sale; the money I make on this should pay for all the ingredients that I have brought. At least that is the theory, last time I took preserves to work for sale, they went almost instantly, and I have been asked when I will be doing it again, so confidence is high.

They had the oranges in, so I nipped down and brought 7lb! 6lb went for marmalade and the rest for the Wine, doing that kept me out of mischief, next time I looked it was 4 hours later.

Vin D'Orange in a month


The Haloumi was sliced and fried in a little garlic oil, as were the mushrooms.

 I don’t think Nando’s need to be too worried about the competition, but it tasted pretty good. And as it happened, the rolls were the exact size of the cheese.
I didn’t think that it would be filling, but I was wrong, it was!


  1. Hello me again

    Been to Lakeland today and managed to acquire new catalogue. Just to let you know but they now have the folding proofer in the catalogue, the one I gave you the link for last year. However there is a big sting in the tail £149.99 ouch. It looks lovely is compact etc. Wondered whether an old hood for one of the old style printers might be an alternative. Air tight a lot heavier and probably get more in might be able to retrieve one from somewhere. Will have to see how things go.



  2. Hi and thanks for the info. At that price, I don't think I'll be rushing to the shop, I suspect that they have just changed the dollar sign to a pound one.
    As I posted before, I now use my oven as a proofer and it works well.